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The Truth

In the face of an object that has two sides the human sees only one side of it, also he is looking for the other side of it at the same time and this is a kind of curiosity and doubt whether the back of this object is the same or not.

This object can represent a word, a memory, a historical fact or any issue that raises our curiosity and doubt to know what is behind or on the other side of it.

I made this installation in my solo exhibition, and I call it “The Truth”. 
In the face of this work, the audience faced its golden side, and when it went around the work, it faced its red and bloody side. The two sides of this installation inspire a contrasting sense and definition. The golden side, which represents wealth, beauty and radiance but behind it is a symbol of pain, wound and anger, both of which have roots in the soil. In doing so, I have tried to put together these definitions to create the image of a lie, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful things for us.

No one knows the hidden side of the lie and the truth cannot be understood until both sides are seen.

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